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Humble Garden


The Humble Garden is a small family run farm with generations of experience. It started with Joseph Atkinson in 1885 and still continues through his son George (born 1922). The latest generation has turned a focus onto organic natural farming methods with a keen eye on each individual plant. Staying away from chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and Hormones we feed the life in the soil in order to bring the tastiest, most nutritious vegetables at the market.


The only way to Get True Living Produce is through the weekly newsletter!

The Healthiest, Freshest, Tastiest food you can eat!

Use the form below to join the exclusive mailing list. Due to the nature of 'True Living Produce', we must personally deliver them to you and take payment at the time of delivery. We take great pride into having a true local business that only services the Halton Region. 

We always prefer to make a face to face connection so we can answer questions and see how our program is working for you. Giving our neighbours the option for exceptionally healthy food and the support to ensure you get the most out of our food.

We've discovered that eating as healthy as possible changed our lives for the better providing more energy and elevated mood. We can only bring 'True Living Produce' to a small number of neigbours, so join the weekly newsletter and get started today!


Living ART!

Bring some green indoors!

The winter months in Ontario can be grueling. One way to overcome this is by bringing live plants inside your living space! The benefits of cleaner air and higher humidity will help combat the fierce winter weather.

Also, having that living plant companion in your field of view and under your care reminds you of the spring that will return. These living art works are created by diverting waste from landfills and simultaneously supported amazing local charities like the Humane Society and Salvation Army.

These Cacti and Succulents are some of the easiest living things to maintain and take care of. Bring some joy into your home or gift it to a family member or friend!


True Living Produce

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