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Growing the Best Food Possible

With individual focus on each plant and cultivation by hand we grow the best produce possible. The Humble Garden does not use any chemicals in growing your food. We feed the soil life which in turn provides the most optimal growing conditions for vegetation. This complex network of life shines through with amazingly deep flavors and unmatched nutrition.

Our Fertilizers consist of: Alfalfa, Nordic Kelp, Rock Phosphate, Composted Animal Manure, Worm Castings, and Molasses.


Our Pesticides are: Removal by Hand, Hot pepper, Garlic, with Natural Horticultural Soap, Attraction of beneficial insects.

Our Herbicides are: Covering with Straw, Removal by Hand, Rarely mechanical removal by tractor cultivation.

Our water comes from ponds and wells on the farm and from the sky in the form of rain.

No Hormones are ever used.

Crops are harvested by hand and washed with water by hand before sale.

We are working towards No Till and Permaculture methods with complete cycle of animal husbandry.

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